Affiliate Disclosure

Digital Cash Back (hereinafter referred to as “Owner”, “we”, “us”, “our”, and the like) is the owner of this website, and based on that fact it’s giving the following Affiliate Disclosure (hereinafter referred to as “Disclosure”):

Some links published on this website are affiliate links. Those links can be posted in the form of regular links in any part of this site, or contained in content such as recommendations, reviews, and the like.

This means that as owners of this site we have a specific agreement with third parties (authors or owners of products or services) following which we can receive a certain commission for each sale of products or services of third parties that are realized through our unique affiliate link.

In other words, if you click on a link on this site and then buy a product or service, we may receive a specific commission or compensation.

This form of partnership is common in the business world and also on the internet and can, therefore, be considered as a common business practice or business relationship between the seller (third party) and the media (this website).

Consequently, we may receive a certain fee or commission for publishing opinions, reviews, and other forms of content related to products, services, websites, and other related topics for which we have affiliated partner status.

However, the amount and form of the commission is not a primary reason for the recommendation of a product or service and does not affect our decision that the products or services we have affiliated partner status with are particularly highlighted in any part of this website.

All products or services we choose to recommend, highlight or link to, are exclusively those products that we believe can help the visitors of this site, or provide them with a certain value and benefit.

It is reasonable to expect that the ability to make such commissions can affect marketing and advertising content, topics, or posts on this website. Such material, advertising space, or posts may not always be labeled or identified as paid or sponsored content.

While there is the ability to receive a certain fee or commission for publishing content or ads for the products or services we have affiliated partner status with, we always post honest opinions, reviews, findings, beliefs, and experiences regarding such products or services.

All views and opinions published on this website are solely ours, or authors of certain content. All claims, quotes, static data, and other forms of representations of products or services need to be verified with the manufacturer, product or service provider or the appropriate third party.

This website does not contain any form of content that could represent a conflict of interest.

NOTICE ON POSSIBLE CHANGES: The content of this document could change in the future. We will not specifically inform our visitors about changes made to this document, so it is up to you to check this document for any changes on your next visit to this website.

NOTICE OF COPYRIGHT: This document is intellectual property and therefore is protected by all valid copyright laws. You are not allowed to copy, share, reproduce, distribute or in any other way use the content of this document or any part of it without the proper license or express permission of the author.


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