Anti-spam Statement

Digital Cash Back (hereinafter referred to as “Owner”, “we”, “us”, “our”, and the like) is the owner of this website and has the following anti-spam statement (hereinafter referred to as “Statement”):

What is unwanted email (spam)?

Spam is precisely what its name says, an email message which recipient did not request in any way. As a rule, it is an email message from an unknown sender that we almost all found at least once in the inbox of our email account.

In this Statement, we want to emphasize that we strictly adhere to the guidelines for sending email messages based on the explicit consent of the recipient, or when we are obliged to do that according to the legal regulations and the particular requirements of regulatory bodies.

Are there anti-spam laws?

Surely. However, as is the case with almost all laws, each country may have different laws, and their terms may vary significantly, to the extent that they may otherwise interpret the meanings of unwanted email and marketing messages sent by email.

In addition, the “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR) defines, among other things, the right of people to have full and unlimited control over issues such as who can send them electronic mail, in what form and which content, or in other words, any person is entitled at any time to the right to choose what type of email message they want to receive and from whom.

In addition, there are international agencies that take care of spam protection as well as generally accepted international regulations (such as the CAN-SPAM Act), which are recognized and used by literally all email service providers that contain provisions intended to protect users from unwanted emails, in particular marketing messages, promotions, and similar content.

However, it is almost impossible for any state, public or regulatory body to completely prevent the sending of unwanted e-mails, regardless of the applicable laws and regulations, so prudence is also your best protection from unsolicited emails.

Our official attitude about spam

This Statement confirms that we have a zero tolerance rate for spam. By using this website, you are protected by our warranty that at no time will you receive unsolicited mail, especially the one containing marketing messages (unless you have specifically requested or allowed us to send you marketing email messages) and that you have at any time complete control over whether you want to receive any emails from us at the moment or in the future, as well as control over the kind of content we can send you via email.

As we are aligned with the “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR), we do not send any email unless the recipient has explicitly requested or has permitted us to send a specific type of email, in a clear and unambiguous manner as explained in our Privacy Notice.

Each automatically generated electronic message sent by us contains an option for quick and easy unsubscribing or termination or previously given permissions. By selecting this option, we will delete your data from the appropriate databases at the same time, and in the future, you will not receive such type of communication from us. If an electronic message is not generated automatically, you can terminate your permission for receiving individual or all kinds of emails by sending an email to our email address: at any time.

NOTICE ON POSSIBLE CHANGES: The content of this document could change in the future. We will not specifically inform our visitors about changes made to this document, so it is up to you to check this document for any changes on your next visit to this website.

NOTICE OF COPYRIGHT: This document is intellectual property and therefore is protected by all valid copyright laws. You are not allowed to copy, share, reproduce, distribute or in any other way use the content of this document or any part of it without the proper license or express permission of the author of the WP Get Legal Pages plugin. For more information about the plugin and acquiring your copy of this plugin, please visit our official website: WP Get Legal Pages


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