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The DMCA is an acronym that stands for the “Digital Millennium Copyright Act”, an internationally recognized decree defining copyright in the digital world. Digital Cash Back (hereinafter referred to as “Owner”, “we”, “us”, “our”, and the like) is the owner of this website, and based on that fact it’s giving the following DCMA Notice (hereafter referred to as “Notice”): Copyright infringement is taken very seriously, and at any time we will take all we can to protect all the rights of all persons who are owners or copyright holders. If you are a copyright owner of any content or part of the content posted on this website, and you are confident that you have not authorized us to use it, please notify us as quickly as possible in writing to our address: 59 Mansfield Road or by email to:, in order to accurately determine which content allegedly infringes your copyrights, so we can accordingly take further steps. Please note that it is important and necessary to provide us with all relevant information about the disputed content, as well as all possible evidence of the existence of copyright, or in other words, the valid proof of your copyright to the disputed content. If you do not send us all requested and required information, we will not be able to take the necessary measures. Therefore, if you believe that specific content published on this website is violating or infringing your copyrights, and you are the copyright owner of that content, please submit a written application using the contact information provided with the following information:
  • the physical or electronic signature of the copyright owner, or the person authorized to represent the owner of the exclusive rights allegedly violated;
  • the identification of a copyrighted work for which you are claiming the copyright violation, or if a single application covers multiple copyrighted contents on this site, a representative list of such content;
  • the identification of a controversial material allegedly infringing copyrights or being a subject of illegal activity so that we can remove or disable access to it, and all available information that may help us find said content;
  • all available and valid contact information so that we can contact the complaining party, such as email address, physical address, phone number, and the like;
  • a statement that the complaining party has verified information that the content in dispute and the manner of its use had not been approved by the copyright owner, his agent, or the applicable laws and regulations;
  • a statement under criminal responsibility that all the evidence and data presented are true and that the complaining party has the right to act on behalf of the owner of the allegedly infringing copyright;
Written notification of alleged copyright infringement should be sent by post to our address: 59 Mansfield Road, or by email to our email address:

NOTICE ON POSSIBLE CHANGES: The content of this document could change in the future. We will not specifically inform our visitors about changes made to this document, so it is up to you to check this document for any changes on your next visit to this website.

NOTICE OF COPYRIGHT: This document is intellectual property and therefore is protected by all valid copyright laws. You are not allowed to copy, share, reproduce, distribute or in any other way use the content of this document or any part of it without the proper license or express permission of the author.


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