How It Works

1. Let’s create your account

Click the register button and fill out your details to activate your account with us. ( If you have an account already just log in)

2. Fill out how you want to receive payments

Inside your dashboard you have a wallet section, click here and input your details on how you want to be paid. 

We have 4 options – Direct DepositPayPal ,  Bitcoin and Ethereum.

3. Time to shop

To earn cash back, all you have to do is click on the store you want or use our search form directory to locate the store.

It is very important that once you click through on your device to stay on that page and complete your purchase so our tracking system can speak to the retailer after you’ve completed your purchase to give you the correct cash back that you deserve.

4. Your Balance

As soon as our tracking system has confirmed your purchase with the retailer you will be automatically credit with your 50% of what the retailer pays us .

This will be credited to your balance and as soon as your account reached our threshold limit of £50 you can withdraw your earnings.

Earn Cashback Now