Our Amazing Team

If someone says it’s impossible – Remember it’s impossible to them NOT YOU!

Craig Mariner

Project Manager

The passion and creativeness Craig brings to the team is second to non, if you can describe an ever burning ball of energy then it would be him.

The get things done attitude he brings is what drives us all to achieve the impossible, working tirelessly on projects has always been Craig’s focus.

On a personal note Craig is a massive LFC fan with 7 kids, a beautiful missus,  2 cats, 5 fish, 2 bunny’s and 4 Axolotls so as you can see time management has always been key to Craig’s success.

Phil Coleman

Chief Copywriter

Being our chief copywriter comes with a lot demand, Phil has been working in Copywriting for over 25 years now and have been fortunate enough to write and develop creative and engaging content for some of the world’s largest brands including the NHS and the Chamber of Commerce.

On a personal level Phil is not a secret UFC fan honestly LOL, living in the heart of Sherwood Forest brings all the history and joys that make us British boys proud.

Catherine Gratton

Accounts Manager

A company can’t run without key figures and Catherine is one of those components, being an accounts manager Catherine is in charge of the payments and day to day running of Digital Cash Back. Lucky for us she really does know her stuff and is on the ball every day.

The personal side to Catherine is she a loving and caring mother to 7 wonderful children that adore her unconditionally. So like Craig time management is key to their success.

Joanne Turner

Admin / Social Media

Admin and soical media is an art form and not something to be missed out, Jo is our brainyack when it comes to this sort of thing, she literately breaths for it. when you think of someone who is made for a role then this is Jo! 

A personal aspect of Jo is she is the loving partner of our chief copywriter Phil, making them the perfect smartie pants couple of Digital Cash Back. 


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